The Felixstowe Art Group holds meetings on a Tuesday night where invited artists come and demonstrate skills and sometimes run workshops. These art demonstrations are held at the Senior Citizens’ Centre, Orwell Road, Felixstowe. The sessions start at 7.30pm and usually go on until 9.30pm. Tea and coffee are available half way through.
The Felixstowe Art Group program for 2017/18 is as follows:

09th May 2017
Pat Hodgkins
(Nat Trust). Illustrated talk  John Constable.The Man and his landscape.

23th May 2017
Michael Barratt.

13th June 2017
Geoff Thoroe
Demo in watercolours.

27th June 2017
Monila Cilimi
Demonstration of Origami plu have a go (members only)

11th July 2017
Life drawing with Tony and props (members only).

25th July 2017
Susan Boddy
Demonstration in mixed media and acrylics.

1nd to 5th August 2017
66th Annual Exhibition
For more information see here.

3th September 2017
Art on the Prom – members only

12th September 2017
Andrew Casey
Illustrated presentation on art deco and ceramics

26th September 2017
Workshop evening (members only): painting in art deco style. Bring youir own choice of materials.

10 October 2017
Rosemary Humphries
Demonstration of making art work from images and photos.

24th October 2017
Work Evening with Rosemary Humphries (members only)
Bring your own materials.

14th November 2017
Hobbs Memorial Lecture
Mark Beesley – illustrated talk “insight into Ipswich art society: its history and its members”.

5th December 2016
Christmas Lunch at the Orwell Hotel – 13.00. Members and guests only

12th December 2017
Chris Cushing
Illustrated talk: “Pots and Frocks: the world of Grayson Perry'”.

9th January 2018
New Years Party (members only plus their guests)
Upstairs in the Conservative Club, Felixstowe. Bring plate of savoury or sweet goodies.

23th January 2018
Dorathy Stokes
Illustrated talk “Aborigibal art”.

13th February 2018
Michelle Parsons (members only)
Have fun with clay..

27th February 2018
Chris Parfitt
Illustrated talk “In search of the Northern lights”.

13th March 2018
Malcolm Laurie competition – members only
Animal, Vegitable and Mineral + catalogue cover. Refreshments provided.

27th March 2018
Michelle Weber
Demonstration of doorways and architectural details in watercolours and mixed media.

10th April 2018
Life drawing with female model (members only).

24th April 2018
Annual General Meeting with table top sale
Nominations for the committee or any other business 21 days before the AGM please.